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Lord Bunbury and Lady Delicate (two channel video)

Square Dance

Two people attempt the elaborate 'square dance' of connection, but are challenged by their blinders of perception. This universal dance illustrates the shifting complexity of all relationships and how perfectly imperfect they are.


       As he wanders about the 18th Century English countryside, Lord Bunbury is perpetually
        stepping on his toes in his quest for companionship. It is only through sheer persistence
       and luck that he might win the heart of Lady Delicate.


       Engrossed in her own sophistication, Lady Delicate is seemingly oblivious to the world
       around her. It is only through the probing glances of Lord Bunbury that she is able to unveil
       her dainty facade, exposing the true vulnerability underneath.


In this piece, I took cues from my five-year-old son, observing him during periods of punishment (time-outs). I then reconstructed my own punishment via improvised reenactments. Watching my child in this way has helped my to clarify the connection between myself and my mother and myself as a mother.


This video references the more provocative, medieval Madonna and Child portraits, which portray the baby Jesus as actually suckling at his mother's breast. Here, both subjects become engrossed in their respective roles as suckee and sucker, oblivious to the world around them.


This is a still from a video installation, which is projected into a child's wading pool. The subject (a clown) is in the middle of working a children's birthday party. After taking one too many sips from his flask, he has met his fate as he accidentally trips over a garden hose and falls into the pool.


A young lass marvels as she receives a pedicure from her dream suitor in this mutually gratifying exchange of affection.

Milk Run

This piece captures the intense and possibly shameful act between these two friends and professional colleagues. They are caught fleeing from the scene in which they were found, yet they are not able to hide, especially from themselves.


After the little girl broke her doll, the embarrassment, public humiliation and secret pleasure that she experienced through her punishment make her think twice before being so naughty again.

The Kiss

This is more than just a kiss; it is love, affection and pure, innocent seduction.

Looking For Tonto

This piece illustrates the quiet desperation of a man searching for something to complete his identity. He is searching for love, or perhaps friendship, but is having a difficult time knowing where to find it. As a last ditch effort, he scours the neighborhood, finally setting his sights on the local playground...

First Encounter with a Clown

The mesmerizing and harrowing experience of meeting your first clown can leave a permanent mark in your memory bank. This piece illustrates the complex, ambivalent emotions that occur during such a childhood milestone.
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